Werner Griesel


  • Jessica Singh

    Jessica Singh

    Fashion Designer and stylist. Also a blogger,photography enthusiast and a self taught artist.

  • Amrit Pal Singh

    Amrit Pal Singh

    Cloud Software Engineer | Product Development | I write about Tech and Travel | Profile https://bit.ly/3dNxaiK | Become a member https://bit.ly/3lZTw50

  • Laré Birk

    Laré Birk

  • rui chen

    rui chen

    Eu mesmo

  • Tabitha


  • Stephen Charles

    Stephen Charles

    Engineers first! Human rights. Gadgets. Jokes and pranks. Segways. Music and concerts. Gameboy Tetris.

  • Pavel Safronov

    Pavel Safronov

    Facebook SRE (ex-Yandex) github.com/prius

  • Kimberly Queen

    Kimberly Queen

    As a child, I traveled the world with family. As a result, I have developed an appreciation for other cultures. Writing and painting are my favorite hobbies.

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