The Only 7 Messages You Need to Grow Your Business Revenue

Werner Griesel
6 min readApr 16, 2022
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Everything is a story.

From the identity we create for ourselves to the meaning we give to external events, people, experiences, products, and places -

Everything is a story we repeat to ourselves in order to make it real.

We learn from stories, we live through stories, and we persuade through stories.

When you sell to customers, you’re telling a story of why your business exists or why people should buy from you.

When you make business decisions about the future of your company, you’re doing so based on a story about your company’s values and DNA.

We call that brand storytelling or narrative marketing — and it works. It’s not simply because consumers in 2022 are resistant to traditional advertising or that using storytelling to convey your brand message is 22 times more impactful than just “facts.”

It’s because brand storytelling speaks to the heart of who your consumers are — humans. And, as we’ll discover through the 7 messages you need to increase your reach and revenue, the best way to motivate humans is through the consistent emotions storytelling inspires.

Why Use Storytelling to Build a Brand?

Using brand storytelling is not a new concept. Just like every memorable story follows a framework — think Star Wars and Joseph Campbell’s classic “Hero’s Journey” — there’s nothing novel about storytelling in marketing.

What is novel is how we can use storytelling to do everything, such as driving conversions, creating a community, and transforming customers into loyal brand ambassadors over time.

To understand the power of brand storytelling, consider this example:

Wharton marketing professor, Deborah Small, conducted an experiment to understand persuasion behaviour. To raise money for a charitable cause, they created two versions of a marketing campaign.

The first featured data points about the issue, which was about the problems of poverty that children face in Africa. The second campaign focused on telling the story of Rokia, a seven-year-old girl in Mali who faced threats of…

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